We believe that as architects, our job is to help the people we work with achieve their dreams. 

We strive to understand the philosophy and vision of the institution we are working with and reflect that in our architecture.

We believe in creating spaces which are not just aesthetically pleasing but also functionally valid, without losing the feeling of discovery and anticipationwhich makes using these spaces an enriching experience.


We also understand that each and every culture has an indigenous expression which has evolved over a period of time, influenced by the climate, the materials available and the local customs. We strive to incorporate this in our work to make the spaces relevant to the people we are designing for.


We have worked with leading institutions in our country and carry with us the best practices and learning from them.

More importantly, we are very passionate about what we do and love creating and building environments that excite and stimulate the intellect.

As one of our core principles of design, we believe that we are here to interpret the philosophy, the vision and the core ethics of an institution into a design of a building or infrastructure. Hence, we don’t have any distinct style, we believe the style of the building should reflect the values of the institution.


MF 2/8, BDA Building,  Indiranagar Stage 2, INDIA, Bangalore - 560038

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