OUR FOUNDER: CR Shivakumar

C R Shivakumar was born in 1938 in Bangalore. After studying his civil engineering at the Central College Bangalore (one of the oldest colleges in India) he established Kumar and Swamy in 1969. It is one of Bangalore's oldest architecture firms. He started it as a civil engineering outfit but slowly it developed into an architecture and design house. 

C R Shivakumar was a remarkable human being. His passion for life was indomitable. He was an avid reader and loved to travel. He traveled most of south India and parts of the north. He even traveled to Europe. He was married to Uma Shivakumar a renowned theater and film personality in the Kannada Industry. He was a patron of the arts; be it music, dance, drama or writing. He had many friends in these circles. He had a very deep and rooted love for nature and Bangalore as a city. He instilled these values in his family, who carry them forward to this day.


HARSHA SHIVAKUMAR is the son of CR Shivakumar. Born an brought up in Bangalore, he finished his architecture in 1990 when he and Sanchali Harsha won the competition to design Mallya Aditi, soon after which they got married. Since then, at the helm of Kumar and Swamy, he has been designing schools all over India. He is a lover of music and has hosted several noted musicians in his home for private concerts. He is a keen biker and student of the open road, travelling all over south India on one of his many bikes, he has seen everything. He is a good golfer and you may find him hanging out in KGA when he has some free time. His passion for travelling has taken him all over the world. He is an innovator in school design and has brought many innovations to children's physical and emotional safety.


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SANCHALI HARSHA was born in Bidar, North Karnataka when her father S.K Ghosal was posted there as part of the IAS. She spent her childhood travelling the country where her father's job would take her and has lived everywhere. She studied her architecture with Harsha Shivakumar in college where they met and eventually they got married. Sanchali Harsha has the additional expertise in retail design which she handled for a number of years for LEVIS, designing their stores all over south east Asia. For her work during this time, she won two awards. Since 2004 she has been at the helm of Kumar and Swamy. She is an innovator in the field of education design and is well versed in the psychology of children. She believes in what she does and it is evident in her work over the last 30 years.


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Paromita Harsha is an architect and artist from Bangalore, India. She has been working at her family firm - Kumar and Swamy architects for the last two and a half years. A third generation architect, she has lived and breathed design her whole life. 
She is specialising in educational projects and commercial projects. She has been working and continues to work on several instituonal and commercial projects all over India. 
She has also completed a certificate course from MOMA on modern art appreciation and history. She is a digital and mixed media artist in her free time. Recently she has taken up teaching interior design and allied subjects at Bangalore school of design.


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